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Should I have a funeral?

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Should I have a funeral?

Maybe we need to stop asking do we need a funeral and ask if we need a gathering. The image of a bunch of people in black at a church or graveyard is not maybe appropriate for you.

I was with a group lately that were talking about issues around death. The condenses was before death it should be about you and your needs, after it should be about what your people need. Some people need a full catholic mass other a case of beer on the tailgate of a truck in the pasture is more fittng.

From experience and from talking to others there is value in everyone getting together it helps people feel supported, unallown and often is a good step around grieving.

So the question maybe shouldn’t be should I have a funeral maybe it should be what type of gathering makes sense and will support those who will miss me when I am gone.

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I meet with people to explain options for them on what can be done with regards to funeral’s and provide them with an opportunity to ask questions.


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