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Canada Purple Shield has been helping families with financing funerals for over fifty years. We fund 90% of Canadian Funeral Preplans. Funds are guaranteed, gain tax free interest, are protected from nursing homes and taxes, and are paid right at the time of the funeral with no delay, relieving stress and the burden of payment from family.

Funds are placed in your Eligible Funeral Arrangement Account. This is a tax-free account for funeral arrangement funds put in place by Canada Revenue Agency. See the link below:


Nobody is turned down for coverage. Max age for paying over time is eighty-four.

Pay Over Time With Insurance

(based on age)

Approval not affected by COVID-19

Pay All at Once

You can choose to deposit funds into your account as a lump payment.

Pay Over Time Without Insurance

Combination of over time and all at once

It is important to plan for this expense. It is an expense that will happen and a little planning now will provide you with peace of mind today. It will help your family when they need your help and guidance the most.

I am honored to help my clients figure out a budget and find a method that works best for ensuring their loved ones are not left unprepared and scrambling for money. Contact me today!


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Funeral preplanning is two steps.
      Deciding what your wishes are for end of life care
      Creating a Purple Shield Policy with funds to pay for your wishes.
A “cremation container” or “cremation casket” is required in Canada. This is not optional everyone MUST have one.
Cremation caskets range from simple wood boxes to full traditional caskets.
Crematoriums are expensive to operate so your funeral home/local crematorium will require you to purchase the cremation casket through the funeral home. They do this so they can be confident of the quality and safety of the materials being used.
There are two options currently available in most of Canada. Traditional earth burial or cremation
Urns must be large enough. Plan on 200 cubic inches or 14 cups of space. A good visual would be about the size of a 4L of soda.

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    I meet with people to explain options for them on what can be done with regards to funeral’s and provide them with an opportunity to ask questions.


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