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Why should you preplan your funeral?

Many people have different ideas as to why they should preplan their funeral. Each reason is important and valid.

I know that the old sayings are often developed from year of wisdom. One is that there are two things you can count on death and taxes. The reality is that everyone of us has an expiry date. Our goal should be to spend our days living and enjoying the gifts we have been given. The other saying is better to plan for a rainy day.

Plan Ahead - Pre-Plan

You can make these important decisions in the privacy of your own home

Experience the Difference

We offer unique opportunities for families to create healing moments after loss.

today, tomorrow and beyond.

Funeral pre-planning

I believe that everyone should have a funeral pre plan in place. Somewhere there should be something written down with your wishes. Providing this with the funding of the funeral will relieve some of the pressures placed on a family when they lose a loved one and provides you with peace of mind knowing that the cost is taken care of for them.

I pledge that I will provide the most current accurate information to my clients.

today, tomorrow and beyond.

Funeral Pre-planning

today, tomorrow and beyond.

Estate Organization

Joy's goal is to provide support and give information to people in preparation of their estate and final wishes, she knows that by planning ahead it makes an already stressful and heartbreaking time a little bit easier for the ones you love.

Let Joy create a plan so that when the time comes, your family doesn't need to guess on your final wishes, everything is already laid out allowing your loved ones to have peace of mind, knowing your final wishes, and having an orderly estate. Your funeral pre planed means that you have peace of mind now and they have peace of mind then. You have lived your life and made your own way.
Pre planning lets you leave your own way and provides direction
and comfort to the ones you leave behind.

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today, tomorrow and beyond.

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