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Why should you preplan your funeral?

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Why should you preplan your funeral?

Many people have different ideas as to why they should preplan their funeral. Each reason is important and valid.

I know that the old sayings are often developed from year of wisdom. One is that there are two things you can count on death and taxes. The reality is that everyone of us has and expiry date. Our goal should be to spend our days living and enjoying the gifts we have been given. The other saying is better to plan for a rainy day.

The rainy day for those you love is they day you pass. On that day people who love you will experience a deep loss, a mind numbing, heart wrenching loss. At one of the lowest points of their lives you can demonstrate your love to them by preplanning and pre funding your funeral.

Why should I put money into a funeral plan? Isn’t just letting people know what to do enough? We’ll have you ever had an expected expense and find out that it is paid for? Did you feel gratitude? Feel cared for? Feel happy that even though you could pay for it and planned on paying for it that you don’t? The reality is that beyond the guarantee, beyond the growth, beyond the fact that all the information and fund are there those who benefit from you pre planning the funeral will feel gratitude? Cared for? Relieved that this bill is covered?

I meet with people to explain options for them on what can be done with regards to funeral’s and provide them with an opportunity to ask questions.


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