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Funeral Pre-Planning Services


So what do I do?

In short I meet with people to explain options for them on what can be done with regards to funeral’s and provide them with an opportunity to ask questions. I like to meet people in their home where they are most comfortable but all funeral homes will allow me to use their facilities for meetings if arranged in advance.

There are two main things which are done in Funeral Pre Planning.

Planning or Wishes.

I discover what makes sence for you and your family, provide cost estimates, record your “wishes” and take vital information to be placed in your funeral home of choice so that when it is needed your family only needs to make one to the funeral home and much of the information is in place already.

The Second Step

I set up an Eligible Funeral Arrangement. (EFA) this is a tax free savings account which is used to put funds aside for the cost of the funeral that you have planned. It is a government approved tax free account. Funds placed in the policy are designed to be used to pay the cost of the funeral, if there are more funds set aside then what was needed at the time of passing then any extra funds are sent to the beneficiaries of the fund they pass probate and are disbursed immediately.

Funding can be – one time pay it all at once.

Pay over time – figure out how much is needed and then put a plan in place and add some insurance to make sure costs are covered. All funds gain interest and the interest paid is never taxed. 

Or a combination of both.

Other items in Funeral Pre-Planning.

Document Service

I can provide people with a service that handles all the paperwork around closing the estate. I recommend this to most clients as our complicated lives and the experience of bereavement means that it can be hard for family members to do the paperwork necessary.

Travel Plan

This policy is recommended to people on a need basis. If you are 55 and go south for a holiday every year and spend part of the summer traveling then travel insurance in case of dying on the road makes sense (it is very expensive if you die and you are not at home). If your 80 and Winnipeg is a big deal and you hate to go there then you likely don’t need this insurance. It is very important to me that I provide my clients with only what they need and what makes sense.

Life Insurance

I do have the ability to provide life insurance in relation to the policy. The biggest bonus of this life insurance is that if you are healthy or if you have a chronic illness everyone can get this insurance and everyone pays the same amount. Again if you are 40 and healthy there are other cheaper options. But.. if your 40 have cancer and have multiple sclerosis you cannot get “general insurance or it is extremely costly” . I have a great option for these people.

Once we complete our visit I ensure that funds are registered correctly, that your wishes and vital statics information is on file at the funeral home of choice, and I make sure you know I am always here to help if you have questions.

Funeral preplanning is two steps.
      Deciding what your wishes are for end of life care
      Creating a Purple Shield Policy with funds to pay for your wishes.
A “cremation container” or “cremation casket” is required in Canada. This is not optional everyone MUST have one.
Cremation caskets range from simple wood boxes to full traditional caskets.
Crematoriums are expensive to operate so your funeral home/local crematorium will require you to purchase the cremation casket through the funeral home. They do this so they can be confident of the quality and safety of the materials being used.
There are two options currently available in most of Canada. Traditional earth burial or cremation
Urns must be large enough. Plan on 200 cubic inches or 14 cups of space. A good visual would be about the size of a 4L of soda.

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    I meet with people to explain options for them on what can be done with regards to funeral’s and provide them with an opportunity to ask questions.


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