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Info on urns


Info on urns

People often wonder about urns. Size, requirements etc. You should expect that an urn will need to hold approx. 14 cups of remains. People come in all shapes and sizes, and styles and so do urns. If you are burying the urn you can use what ever you want. If you want to customize the “style” of your urn the best way is to use a person item. Tea pots, chamber pots, tackle boxes, musical instrument cases. Just remember that if that item isn’t big enough you might need another one too.

If you plan to use a columbarium niche you will have size and material requirements. Columbarium’s are generally the same size but it is best to find out the specifics for yours. Columbarium’s require that the urn be non-biodegradable.

I like to remind people that if they choose to use a specific personal item or pre purchase there are a couple important things to remember.

  • You get to keep your urn with you for the rest of your life. Some would not be happy to have a reminder around all the time. Also if you end up in a home your family member may end up needing to keep it and they might find that far more difficult then you imagine.
  • You need to ensure that the funeral home has that information in their pre-plan notes. All funeral homes will create a file when you plan your funeral. Notes here will help ensure that the urn isn’t found three weeks after your passing.

Funeral home care a ide variety of urns and can special order for your family. Time changes things and leaving the choice to your family (with a budget in place). Just means that the funeral home “stores” it rather then you.

Spreading of ashes

There are different laws for different provinces and territories. If caught there is a fine that can be charged. I cannot advocate the breaking of laws but…..

If you were to decide to sprinkle ashes there are a few things to consider. Quiet and private drawing attention to breaking the law is never a good idea.

Funeral Directors can tell you want the law is in your area. A short call or visit will give you lots of options that are legal.

Be aware of your family’s needs. Sometimes it’s nice to have somewhere to go to commigrate the loss of a loved one. Sometimes it’s nice to be able to able around and find the resting place for people who have passed year before you were even born.

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