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Crazy cost of funerals

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Crazy cost of funerals

The funeral industry is a highly regulated and necessary service. We need to handle the remains of the deceased in a respectful, kind, way. It’s the law! Funeral homes have buildings, staff, paperwork, standards, and far more behind the scene then we realize. Funeral homes work hard to keep the appearance of their people, buildings, and equipment in the highest repair out of respect to the families they serve.

The reality funeral homes are like icebergs your only seeing the tip of the work that is being done.  I recommend that people pre-plan and pre-fund always but when it comes to the cost this become key. Funeral homes have the ability to care for the poorest person to the wealthiest in your community. The family will decide what is appropriate and what can be afforded if you haven’t told them already. You can take the emotion and sometimes guilt gauntlet away by setting up the budget ahead of time.

“My mother would roll over in her grave if she knew how much we spent on her funeral”.

Guilt? Feeling bad? If Mom said this is the budget ahead of time then when the time arrives there would be no need for the family to be concerned.

I meet with people to explain options for them on what can be done with regards to funeral’s and provide them with an opportunity to ask questions.


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