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Options around burial of traditional earth burial


Options around burial of traditional earth burial

Traditional earth burials must take place with a cemetery. The place that the casket is buried is called a plot. The plot is property and you will have ownership of the land and it will be transferred to your beneficiaries.

To purchase a plot call the city, township, or church which is responsible for the cemetery. Costs vary by location small town generally is smaller price.

You can purchase the plot ahead of time. When you do be sure that the funeral home puts that information in your preplanned folder so that people know and so that the location is easy to find when it is needed.

Remember that in addition to the plot you will have to pay a interment fee. In short someone has to dig the hole and fill it in. That fee can be added to your prefunded plan. Some places charge extra for winter burial in fact where I come from you cannot bury in my families’ cemetery of choice until summer. Your pre planner will be happy to help you figure out the details and help you with it.

If you don’t use the plot it can be sold back to the cemetery for the price it was purchased at.

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